Friday, April 3, 2015

The Burn - Too Hot for Andy

The Burn by Haylie Pomroy can best be described as serious, effective, rigorous, intense, demanding, unrealistic.

If you are being serious about weight loss and you are looking for an alternative to try, this might be the book for you. I don't shop at specialty or organic grocery stores nor do I dive into the science behind weight loss. However the book does a great job of giving a few highlights that can help jump start weight loss at a platue such as liquid breakfasts.

Serious, rigorous, intense, and demanding can be lumped together to better articulate that this book has no real* pictures, no diagrams, and no color. It is a regimented lab manual that dictates success, but doesn't illustrate it for the casual user. She does however have some pictures and a few "chart" like pages, but that's as casual as it gets.

Every type of diet includes a smoothie, a tea, a soup, lots of water and special recipes. Some of the items that Haylie is recommending won't be found in your typical grocery store and don't fit well with everyday life.

The book wouldn't exist if it didn't have truth behind it. Her reasoning makes sense and I understand why it would be effective if I had a lot more free time and was probably single. It is extremely detailed and does a great job of usually explaining all of the benefits and why you are eating a specific food.

The description here should be emphasized in bold -it is a great summary of the book.
  • I-Burn, D-Burn, and H-Burn eating and living plans, complete with detailed grocery lists and daily menus to keep the process simple and easy-to-follow.
  • Dozens of delicious recipes for meals in a flash.
  • Simple success boosters:  foods, teas, tips, and practices that are easy to incorporate and stoke up your body’s ability to heal.  

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