Sunday, March 8, 2015

Joe Tye's 2013 presentation, 12 Reasons Culture Eats Strategy

Further explanation and real-world examples come from business author Joe Tye's 2013 presentation, 12 Reasons Culture Eats Strategy. Here are 10 of them that especially apply to library cultures:
  1. People are loyal to culture not to strategy.
  2. Culture provides resilience in tough times.
  3. Culture is more efficient than strategy.
  4. Culture creates competitive differentiation.
  5. A brittle culture can doom even a great organization.
  6. When culture and strategy collide, culture will win.
  7. Cultural miscues are more damaging than strategic ones.
  8. Culture provides greater discipline than disciplinary action does.
  9. Culture provides a level of risk protection that cannot be attained with strategy alone.
  10. Culture has a significant impact on your bottom line.

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