Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Futurist Thinker Thomas Frey and Mindaptive

I am a big fan of the futurist thinkers and what their brains imagine. Thomas Frey is definintely an interesting one to pay attention to. Last week he wrote about Semantic Intelligence and how Mindaptive is making strides in that field.

One of the first demos we saw was a side-by-side comparison of a low-res photo, a jpeg under 50k file size. With one side showing the current state of the art, any zooming in on the photo resulted in a highly pixelated image.

Using Mindaptiv technology for transmitting a description rather than pixels, that same low res image could be expanded to a stadium-sized image and still maintain its crispness.

This was also demonstrated with several videos. Think about what it would be like to project a video the size of an airline hangar onto a massive wall and still maintain perfect resolution, yet transmitting the information through exponentially smaller file packets.

The second demo was designed to show how its object-capturing and object-manipulation features worked. In this presentation, a video feed of a vase showed how the vase could be selected and stripped away from the rest of its background. The vase was then placed onto a variety of different video backgrounds. In this example, the vase remained part of a live feed, so the vase itself could be repositioned, expanded, or turned sideways in real time.


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