Monday, July 21, 2014

July Google Analytics Update

July 2014 Product Update
This month in Google Analytics: let our Chrome extension simplify your life, learn to use Data Import, visit the new Partner Gallery, segment branded and non-branded AdWords traffic, and understand your users with Consumer Surveys.
New Features
Learn How Avvo Is Winning With Data Import
The new Data Import was introduced at the 2014 Analytics Summit. It helps unify data from your different business systems, so you can organize your data the same way you organize your business. Intrigued? Read about an early Data Import success story from Avvo and see how to make it even better for your business. Learn more.
Meet the New Google Analytics Partner Gallery
Google Analytics is lucky to have a vibrant ecosystem of analysts, advocates and developers who like to share, teach and talk with other users. To make it easier to find services and apps that are important to your business, we’ve re-launched the App Gallery as the Partner Gallery. Learn more.
Segmenting Brand and Generic Paid Search Traffic
Many advertisers with paid search campaigns advertise on queries mentioning their brand (like “Motorola smartphone” for Motorola) and also on generic searches (like “smartphone reviews”). To make analysis of both as accurate as possible, we've added a new feature which automatically identifies brand-aware paid search clicks tracked in Google Analytics. Learn more.
Tips and Best Practices
New Chrome Extension Makes Page Analytics Easier and Faster
Do you ever browse your website and think: "I wonder how often people visit this page? How successful is it?" Those questions are why the Google Analytics team has released a Chrome Extension that gives you detailed information about each page of your website while you browse it. Learn more.
Consumer Surveys: Easy Answers For Every Business Decision
Whether you need to pre-test a marketing campaign or gauge reactions to a recent event, real-time consumer insights can be very valuable. Google Consumer Surveys now lets you target mobile respondents and ask a respondent up to 10 questions at a time. Ask the audience that matters most to you — and get $75 off your first survey! Learn more.
Save Time Through Automation And Integration
To further help large companies save time through automation, we released 3 new APIs. A Provisioning API to programmatically create new GA accounts. An AdWords linking API, and a GA reporting Embed API to simplify creating custom dashboards in your own applications. Learn more.
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