Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Google Analytics May 2014 Product Update

May 2014 Product Update
This month in Google Analytics: Remarketing introduces Smart Lists, Asset Sharing gets more productive, app and web data team up to provide better analysis, and tips from our education team help improve your digital marketing efforts.
New Features
Remarketing In Analytics Gets Better With Smart Lists
Many marketers love the hundreds of dimensions they can use to create remarketing lists in Google Analytics, but others have told us that the sheer number of possibilities can be overwhelming. So to simplify the product while still ensuring great results, we’re proud to announce a new type of remarketing list: one that’s managed automatically. Learn more.
Unleash Your Productivity With Asset Sharing
When teammates are working on different sides of the same problem, it's crucial that they be able to share innovations and solutions quickly. Google Analytics now has a series of asset-sharing tools that make sharing all your solutions even easier. Learn more.
Understanding Multi-Device User Behavior In A Single View
In this constantly connected world, users interact with your business across many digital touchpoints: websites, mobile apps, web apps and on other digital devices. To help you understand what users do in all these places, we’re putting web and app data in the same reporting view. Learn more.
Tips and Best Practices
Understanding Cross Device Measurement And The User ID
User-centric measurement is one of the key new features of Universal Analytics. It includes measurement across multiple devices – computers, smart phones, tablets, kiosks, etc. Google Analytics Evangelist Justin Cutroni explores the opportunities this creates for analysts and marketers in a new video. Learn more.
The Power Of Segmentation And Mobile App Analytics
Google Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg recently presented at the Google Developer Summit in London. Watch as he discusses the power of segmentation and proposes some key ways to go about it. Learn more.
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