Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sayings for the Mom

I grabbed this book for mom for Christmas. I thought for the woman that likes to hang sayings and signs on the wall, what better than an illustrated book of sayings. Judging from the picture online it appears to be a wider coffee table book.

It's actually a lot smaller. It's a little bigger than the width of a school notebook and about half as tall.

The book is funky, whimsical, and a little odd! It contains 50 sayings from around the world and does a great job displaying or illustrating (to steal from the title) these sayings to help articulate exactly what they mean. The book does a nice job of portraying the language so that it is easy to grasp. I am a little disappointed in the content. I was hoping for something a little lighter and happier, but some of the sayings are just too strange.

The other weird thing about the book is it seems to have no order. The sayings are all done randomly. I wish it would've been alphabetical by language, grouped by continent, or even time-period.

If you like funky world culture, then this book is a neat gift.

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