Friday, September 12, 2014

Some key SharePoint 2013 features

Some key SharePoint 2013 features

Some key SharePoint 2013 features User Adoption of SharePoint is based on meeting the goals and requirements of the business sponsor. To do that, there is an importance in ensuring that the correct features are applied to the relevant solutions to meet their goals. Platform Governance is key; since there would need to be knowledge of the relevant features and an understanding therefore in how they would be implemented, supported, maintained in an evolving SharePoint landscape. This is particularly important in deciding on the migration path of SharePoint 2010 to 2013, since quite a few features have been enhanced.

This quick article gives a list of some the key current features of SharePoint 2010 which are included in SharePoint 2013, and lists key features in SharePoint 2013, all of which will have an impact on steering decision making on what tools needs to be investigated and possibly then applied.

Note that these are subject to further enhancement; through my use of the preview, trawling sites to learn; I’m sure to come across some great bits of info, I’ll try my level best to update as time goes on!

The below are NOT all the features, there’s more in the depths of SharePoint 2013 site collections. So, am working on another article which describes the SharePoint 2010 site collection features and then compares that with SharePoint 2013 site collection features; and attempts points to locations where you can get further information from each one. My reasoning for this is to attempt to centralise that information so when it comes to building business cases its easier for me to collate my thoughts, and at the same time give ideas to what areas would need further consideration when planning upgrades from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
Hope this is useful to you!
Ok, lets go for this – in this article I’ll give a mention to:

Existing Key SharePoint 2010 Features included in SharePoint 2013
  • Excel Services
  • Access Services
  • InfoPath Forms Services
  • User Profile Service
  • Search Services
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • PerformancePoint Services
New SharePoint 2013 Features
  • Content Management
  • Translation Services
  • Workflow Services
  • SharePoint Quizzes
  • Education Services
  • Work Management Service
  • Mobile Features
As said this is not all the new features, just some which I think at this moment deserve major attention!

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