Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Basic Tech Security Updates to Safeguard your Business

What safeguards can you implement to protect your business?

Change Default Passwords

One of the most common security mistakes that businesses make is not changing default passwords for their computers. This problem is largely ignored, but it can be easily fixed. Always make sure to change all the default passwords on new computers. If you fail to do this, hackers use default passwords to access your computers; once they login, they have access to your whole network.

Update Operating Systems

Manufacturers update their software to make it more secure; if you ignore system updates, you leave gaping holes in your systems. Hackers can easily exploit outdated systems. When a patch or an update is released for your computer, make sure to install it as soon as you can. If a hacker sees that your systems are updated, they are less likely to target them; they find an easier system to hack.

Encrypt Customer Transactions

If you sell your product online, you need to make sure that your customers' data is secure. The best way to do this is to outsource payment processing to a reputable company; setting up encryption yourself is a long, expensive and arduous process. When you outsource transactions, you guarantee that your processing procedure meets the stringent compliance standards that credit cards require.

Host Your Website On A Secure Server

Saving money by purchasing cheap hosting can be tempting; it is also a recipe for disaster. If you choose a security minded host like Hivelocity, you know that your website is safe from prying eyes. Good server companies back up your data, protect you from hackers and guarantee that your data is safe. If you opt for cheap hosting, it's like begging hackers to attack your site.

Limit Sensitive Information

Special programs are available that let you detect unusual activity on your computer systems. These programs monitor communications to make sure that sensitive information isn't being leaked outside of your network. When you install this software, your data stays safe and secure.

If you take steps to protect your data, you make it hard for hackers to crack your systems. Hackers are opportunistic. If you take decent measures to protect your systems, they are more likely to move on and find an easier target. A few simple steps can make your business and its sensitive information more safe and secure.

Modern businesses depend on technology to help lower costs and increase productivity. Unfortunately, many of these businesses use new technologies without taking the necessary steps to protect their assets; unsecured technology is vulnerable to hackers and viruses that can bring a business to its knees.

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