Monday, April 7, 2014

Auto Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Originally, I manually tracked clicks and links via a custom JS call that pushed events to Analytics. It required a manual method (unless db driven) to attach the onclick event to every single freaking hyperlink - what a PITA. Google developed Tag Manager and it wasn't until recently that I realized what I had been missing. It allows you to track every event (or filter them) by linking your account and asking it to create events for you based on your criteria. The graphic and snippet below do a good job explaining and you really should visit Justin's site.

Listen, Capture Collect. How the Auto-event tracking works for Google Tag Manager.

Implementing analytics, or any type of conversion tracking, is a big pain in the ass. There, I said it! But it’s been getting easier and easier with adoption of Tag Management tools. Google Tag Manager is going to make it even easier with the introduction of a new feature called Auto Event Tracking.

Auto Event Tracking let’s you track almost any user action without any additional JavaScript. It automatically captures user actions like clicks and form submissions.